Thursday, September 16, 2010

Head or Tail

Had been watching lot of cricket including the toss event. Suddenly remembered something I read on toss in one of the novels (I think it is Prizes by Erich Segal and the situation is the heroine (Isabel Da Costa?) of the novel is confused with what to wear when she receives the Nobel award). So suddenly cooked the following story ( I don't know how to call it).

The situation is like this. The girl and the boy are going around for sometime. They know they are in love but have not told each other yet. The girl suddenly calls him one day.

Girl: Hey, my folks are asking what's going on between us

Boy: What have you told them?

Girl: Nothing

Boy: What do you intend to tell them?

Girl: No idea

Boy: I know the most scientific way of deciding in situations like this

Girl (in a little hasty voice:): No, no, don't mix emotions with science

Boy: Ok, then you can decide it in a random fashion

Girl : Ok, tell the idea , we will see (says so, in a non convinced tone)

Boy: Toss a coin, if heads, say we are in love, if tails, you know what it is

Girl: (after a pause): mmmm, have you tossed the coin?

Boy: (took sometime to answer): Come on, I have given you the coin already

Girl: (immediately replies) then no, need to toss at all

Boy : (little perplexed) Why, you ought to decide one way or the other

Girl: Come on darling, the coin you gave me has heads on both the sides

Boy: (blushing), really, so who says fake coins have no value? It has at least decided our lives

Girl: Sure, but we need real buck for a living

Boy: You already started talking as if you are my wife. I can recall someone saying, 'you give some liberty to a woman, she will take away your liberty also'

Girl: Whatever, let's not waste money in talking. Come and see my parents soon